Tell Elizabeth Warren to Shake Up the Democratic Party and the DNC

Although the story we’ve all been hearing is that “Trump won” the election, the more bitter truth is that we – the Democrats – lost it.

A month ago, too many Democratic voters either failed to vote entirely or voted for a third party. Here is an excellent piece of research that supports this claim:

Trump Didn’t Win, We Democrats Lost!

So, what to do? Among other things, we need to pressure the Democratic Party and the DNC to become more effective. This will mean a change of leadership, a change of strategy, a change of vision. Less cozying up to Wall Street, more genuine grassroots organizing in precincts that really matter!

One good way to pressure the DNC is to ask Elizabeth Warren to do so. For better or for worse, she is now our most effective point person in the Senate – and maybe in the Democratic Party as a whole.

This is a small step, to be sure. But it’s a step we can take so easily.

If you agree, or if you’re just interested in the idea, please check out this petition:

Tell Elizabeth Warren to Shake Up the DNC

Victory in 2018!